A “Retro Reunion”

We’ve talked about it for a while so it’s time to make it happen. A reunion of pageant contestants from back-in-the-day!

A small group of us have decided to try to plan the event but we need your help. If you competed in one or more of the listed pageant systems during mentioned years or under mentioned directors, please take the survey to help with a location. We are looking at Fall of 2020.

American Renaissance (prior to 2010)

All American (under Elaine Munson or Melissa Hooks)

U.S./ International Achiever (under Bea Gill or Tamara Harvey)

Global America (under Melissa Hooks)

Slyviane Productions

American United States

United Nations (prior to 2004)

U.S./International Sophisticates (under Melissa Hooks or Lauren Brantley)

American Elegance (prior to 2005)

American Beauties Plus ( under Jill Lesley or Angela Howell)

Survey Monkey:


Look for an event FB page once a location has been determined.

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