All American Pageant

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Pageant system also has a Facebook and Twitter presence.

Director: Patricia Sullivan

About: Everything you LOVE about pageants! The All American Pageant system offers the feel of competition, the togetherness of the contestants, and even the expectations surrounding a National Pageant. The difference is the family atmosphere. This will be an experience unlike any other you have ever experienced. Once you become a state title holder, you are part of the pageant family.


Divisions for Mrs. All American Pageant:

Mrs.All American 21-40*
Mrs. All American Woman 40-49*

Mrs. All American Lady 50-Over*
All American Classic Mrs. 25-Over, Size 16 Up*
*Married or Widowed

Divisions for All American Pageant:

All American Pre-Teen 11-13
All American Junior Teen 14-16
All American Teen 17-19
All American Miss 20-29 *
All American Ms 30-39 *
All American Woman 40-49 *

All American Lady 50-Over*

All American Classic Ms. 25-39, Size 16 Up*
All American Classic Woman 40-Over, Size 16 Up*
*Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced


Interview (50%)

Runway/Fashion (25%)

Evening Gown (25%)


Supermodel with Style- This is the chance for contestants to strut their stuff as a supermodel with style. Contestants entered in this competition will be judged on their fun fashion and runway walk.

Talent-  For this category, the contestant must prepare a 2-3 minute talent. No matter what your skill level, this competition provides the perfect setting to showcase each contestant.

Photogenic-  Awarded to the contestant who best photographs “naturally”. Photo may be casual or professional, but not larger than 8 x 10. ​

Community Service-Contestants must submit a community service resume to the national office by the entry deadline.

Additional Awards:

Royal Queen-The contestant with the highest overall score will be awarded the Royal Queen title and will not be available for divisional titles.

Miss Congeniality-​The recipient of the Congeniality Award is the contestant who is judged by her peers to be the most congenial, charismatic, and inspirational pageant participant.

Spirit of Pageantry Award-​This award is given by the All American Pageant staff to the contestant who best represents all that is good in pageantry: sportsmanship, sisterhood, and teamwork.​

Director’s Award-This award is given by the All American Pageant director to the contestant who best demonstrates time management, dedication to pageant, and compassion towards fellow contestants. 

People’s Choice AwardThis award is given to the contestant with the most votes from the general public.

National Platform:

In 2017,  Operation We Care became the national platform of the All American Pageant & Mrs. All All American Pageant. This non-profit organization was founded in 2007 by Jeff and Diana Merritt and to date has sent nearly 10,000 care packages to our US Military serving overseas, including ships at sea with the US Navy. Donated items are packed and shipped on a monthly basis including two large-scale packing events each year in May and November. Financial donations are used to not only purchase supplies but also for postage. Receiving these packages lets the military know they are thought of on the home front and greatly increases morale.

The pageant also has an online store for pageant system related merchandise.

Please check the website or contact the director for current fees, pageant dates and rules.

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