American Elegance Pageant

Information is obtained from available resources.

Director: Motise J Harris


Pageant has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence.


Ms 19-29

Woman 30 – 40

Lady 41 & up

Mrs. 25 & up  
Sophisticate 18 & up and wear a size 16W & up

Ms. International – 25 and up can be single, married, widowed or divorced.

Areas of Competition:


Personal Expression

Fashion Wear

Evening Gown

On Stage Question

Optionals: In each division there will be an award given for Personal Expression, Fashion Wear, Program Book Photogenic

Cover Model Contest

Nedra Stewart Community Service Award

People’s choice

Mission Statement: Our Very first Pageant was in St. Louis on November 27 & 28th 1999. We have grown and changed since the  first pageant but we still believe a pageant should be a fun affordable event that still makes you feel like a queen.   Every woman is Elegant and beautiful, no matter what size, height, age or nationality.  We are all unique individuals and there is only one you and that in itself makes you the symbol of elegance and true beauty. We hope to see you at nationals.

Please check the website or contact the director for current pageant dates, location, entry fees, etc.


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