An excerpt

Here is an excerpt from a soon-to-be published book about preparing for pageants dedicated to Penny and Bob:

The Judges:

What every judge comes to the “pageant table” with:

Personal likes and dislikes

Favorite color

Conservative or Liberal

Pro-life or Pro-choice

Likes dancers, dislikes opera singers, etc.

Prefers tall girls compared to short girls, blonde hair instead of brown

Favors strong opinionated women, dislikes strong opinionated women

The judging panel is made up of a mixture of personal bias. The results of the final outcome of a pageant is the dominate view of 4 out of 7 judges (or 3 out of 5, etc.). the odds of a contestant winning over the hearts and mind of 100% of the judging panel is slim, but the contestant HAS to win over the majority to win.

Other factors to consider when preparing to win over a judging panel:

there are those who like things as they are and are resistant to change. there are those who want to re-create sliced bread. And, there are those who want to save/change the world no matter what.

the judging panel at the state level will be more experienced than the judging panel at the local level. The number of prior pageants judged is immaterial. The bottom line is that they have experience. they know hoe the game is played and what is expected of the winner of the pageant (if the director has chosen his or her judges well). The winner of the pageant SHOULD be the contestant that stood out from the rest.

“It is into this environment that you will walk into to be cross-examined.”


Stay turned for more snippets from this, and another, book. Let us know if you enjoy the excerpts.

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