Articles by Laura Giordano

Matt Boyd Photography

All information is obtained from available resources. Notably acclaimed, “A master behind the camera” by luxury lifestyle publication Jezebel Magazine, an award winning national photographer, Matt Boyd, is an official Miss America photographer and has photographed nine Miss America titleholders, NBA Superstar Magic Johnson and [Read More]

Ms America

Information was obtained from available resources. Director: Susan Jeske Website: The pageant system has a Facebook and Twitter presence. Divisions: Ms. America® women 26+ years Ms. America® International 40+ years Ms. International ™ 26+ years Single ~ Divorced ~ Widowed ~ Married Competition: Interview (25%) Evening Gown (25%) On-Stage Question [Read More]

All World Beauties

Information was provided by available resources. Director:   Andrea N. Sledge Website: Pageant system has a Facebook and Twitter presence Divisions: Jr. Teen 13-15 Teen 16-17 Miss 18-29 Miss Plus 18-29, single, size 12+ Ms 30-44 Ms Plus 30-up, single, size 12+ Mrs 21 & up Married ​Elite [Read More]

All Star United States

All information provided by available resources. Director: Tammy Johns Website: The pageant system has a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence. Divisions: Mrs. All-Star United States age 21 and over – married Ms. All-Star United States age 24 and over – unmarried and can have children [Read More]

All American Pageant

*Information is what TFTJ editors could obtain from available sources* Website: Pageant system also has a Facebook and Twitter presence. Director: Patricia Sullivan About: Everything you LOVE about pageants! The All American Pageant system offers the feel of competition, the togetherness of the contestants, and even the expectations surrounding [Read More]

Excerpt 3

Pageants are often won during interview. An interview thought from Penny and Bob: You have to have message #1: this is something unique about yourself that you must at all cost get across the goal line. The goal line is the personal interview or the stage [Read More]

Pageantry and Color?

Link to story provided by Jeff Ripp. Article appeared on the Miss Virginia USA 2016 website Desiree Williams November 11, 2016 I’m going to start by saying I’m not writing this to intentionally upset anyone, but instead to offer a perspective—my perspective. I would also [Read More]

Excerpt 2

Continuing the excerpts from a soon to be published book dedicated to Penny and Bob: Interview Tips Remember, the interview is a conversation with the judge(s) and should not be you answering question after question. Converse with the individuals on the panel; draw them into your answer [Read More]

An excerpt

Here is an excerpt from a soon-to-be published book about preparing for pageants dedicated to Penny and Bob: The Judges: What every judge comes to the “pageant table” with: Personal likes and dislikes Favorite color Conservative or Liberal Pro-life or Pro-choice Likes dancers, dislikes opera [Read More]