Career Images Modeling and Talent Agency

  • Models (female, male, children, plus-size and petite models, and all ethnicities)
  • Feature Models and Flat Art  (hands, eyes, legs, smile, etc.)
  • Models for Product Endorsements
  • Voice-Over Talent
  • Actors
  • Entertainers (vocalists, dancers, clean comedians, magicians, and more)
  • Celebrities
  • Tribute Artists and Look-A-Likes
  • Published Authors
  • Poets
  • Public Speakers–Speakers Bureau (numerous topics)
  • Photographers (and Assistants)
  • Make-up artists
  • Hair Stylists
  • Videographers
  • Writers
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Casting
  • Multi-language Linguist/Interpreters
  • Sports Celebrities
  • Fashions Shows and Runway
  • Trade-shows, Conventions, Hospitality Services
  • Film (and body doubles)
  • Acting
  • Video
  • Industrial Films
  • Stock Photos
  • Editing Services (Digital Photography/Video)
  • Project, personnel, and logistics management for events
  • Consulting and Coaching (in many areas and on numerous topics)

Article written by Linda Robinson (Syndicated Author, Writer, Reporter)

Raymond L. LaPietra
“An Agent that
gets results”

When I first met Raymond L. LaPietra at his office, I was impressed! I noticed the walls of his office were bathed in numerous awards, certificates, achievement plaques, and photos of him with various V.I.P.’s and celebrities. His custom-tailored designer suit, silk tie, and expensive jewelry convinced me that this was a man that was used to success.

Mr. LaPietra cordially took time from his busy schedule to grant me a reporter’s interview, apologizing for the intercom pages from his secretary, on a few client phone calls he had to take. I must say, in watching Mr. LaPietra negotiate business deals for his models, he sure made it look easy.

Raymond L. LaPietra started CAREER IMAGES MODEL & TALENT AGENCY, INC. in February of 1982. Beginning with only 12 models, which he represented locally, he now owns and operates one of the most-active Model and Talent Agencies in the United States, representing over 90 models exclusively and even more non-exclusively. Career Images Model & Talent Agency, Inc. provides service and has done business with models, talent, and clients in 48 U.S. states and 29 foreign countries.

Please visit the website for further information and how to contact.

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