A Retro Reunion

The survey for the location has been closed. Please stay tuned for the results and further information. A social media page will be available soon for information on the event. Thanks for voting! [Read More]
Something Changed! What's new at TFTJ?

We’re making changes

Web-mistress here with an update! Here at TFTJ, we’re making some changes to our content, information, and presentation of it all. Please excuse the mess while we work. These will be ongoing changes and hopefully will not interrupt the normal operations of the website too [Read More]

New look

Once again, TFTJ has a new look. We hope you like it. If you have any pageant systems, photographers, make up artists, anything pageantry you would like for us to look into as a post on the website, contact us at All requests will [Read More]

Excerpt 3

Pageants are often won during interview. An interview thought from Penny and Bob: You have to have message #1: this is something unique about yourself that you must at all cost get across the goal line. The goal line is the personal interview or the stage [Read More]

Pageantry and Color?

Link to story provided by Jeff Ripp. Article appeared on the Miss Virginia USA 2016 website Desiree Williams November 11, 2016 I’m going to start by saying I’m not writing this to intentionally upset anyone, but instead to offer a perspective—my perspective. I would also [Read More]

Excerpt 2

Continuing the excerpts from a soon to be published book dedicated to Penny and Bob: Interview Tips Remember, the interview is a conversation with the judge(s) and should not be you answering question after question. Converse with the individuals on the panel; draw them into your answer [Read More]

An excerpt

Here is an excerpt from a soon-to-be published book about preparing for pageants dedicated to Penny and Bob: The Judges: What every judge comes to the “pageant table” with: Personal likes and dislikes Favorite color Conservative or Liberal Pro-life or Pro-choice Likes dancers, dislikes opera [Read More]