Excerpt 3

Pageants are often won during interview. An interview thought from Penny and Bob:

You have to have message #1: this is something unique about yourself that you must at all cost get across the goal line. The goal line is the personal interview or the stage interview.

Then you move on to message #2 that you will try to get across the goal line. If you are successful you will have left the judges with two unique impressions that set you apart from the other contestants.

Many contestants work hard preparing for the pageant. You will just work smarter. So many contestants will be in the interview room all saying the exact same thing so your goal is to say your answers in a unique way that the judges will remember.


Be correct

Admit you do not know

Admit the obvious

Be complete

Be current

Be clear

These all seem like common sense but you would be amazed at how many contestants do not follow these tips during interview.

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